Table of Contents

The Woolwich Terror Attack

A Report on the Precursory Incident to the ISIS Psychological Operation






Volume One – The Incident and the Trial

Part One – Preliminaries

Chapter One – Scene of the Crime

Chapter Two – General Plotline

Chapter Three – Official Timeline(s)

Chapter Four – Considering the Evidence that Establishes the Narrative

Chapter Five – Regarding the Origin of Trial-based Material and its Treatment

Chapter Six – The Video Footage and Photography

Chapter Seven – Placing the Witnesses to the Attack


Part Two – The Initial Attack

Chapter Eight – Facts as Presented to Court (and Maybe Not)

Chapter Nine – Investigating the Evidence; “Endings” versus Events

Chapter Ten – Getting to Grips with Some Unknowns

Chapter Eleven – Calculating Speed: Defining the Landmarks

Chapter Twelve – Evaluating the Value of Relevant Witness Testimony to Understand the Behaviour of the Tigra

Chapter Thirteen – Understanding the Behaviour of the Tigra through its Interaction with Rigby – according to A. Bailey

Chapter Fourteen – The Speed of the Tigra

Chapter Fifteen – Addressing the Endings versus the Events

Chapter Sixteen – Part Two Summary: Conspiracy as a Defence


Part Three – The Knife Attack

Chapter Seventeen – Outlining more Endings

Chapter Eighteen – The Evidence Presented to the Jury

Chapter Nineteen – Witness Testimony

Chapter Twenty – Issues Regarding Rigby’s Injuries

Chapter Twenty One – Issues In Respect of the Two Michaels

Chapter Twenty Two – Regarding the Issue of the Blood Spilled onto the Scene

Chapter Twenty Three – Regarding the Witnesses

Chapter Twenty Four – Regarding the Reaction of Passing Traffic

Chapter Twenty Five – Adebolajo’s Testimony

Chapter Twenty Six – Part Three Summary: Anomalies pointing to Conspiracy

Chapter Twenty Seven – Volume One Conclusion


Volume Two – Analysing the Conspiracy

Part Four – The Armed Police

Chapter Twenty Eight – Armed Police: Introduction

Chapter Twenty Nine – The Arrival of the Armed Police

Chapter Thirty – Exploiting the “Damsel in Distress” Narrative

Chapter Thirty One – The Case for Blanks and Fake Police

Chapter Thirty Two – The Case for No Rounds

Chapter Thirty Three – The Fourth Police Shooter

Chapter Thirty Four – Missing Action


Part Five – The Crowd

Chapter Thirty Five – Ball Park View

Chapter Thirty Six – Cream Hoodie, the Plain Clothed Policeman

Chapter Thirty Seven – Tina and Michelle Nimmo

Chapter Thirty Eight – The Donnellys

Chapter Thirty Nine – Vikki and Ingrid; Trained First-Aiders, but no First-Aid Given

Chapter Forty – People Around the Body

Chapter Forty One – Other Members of the Crowd, and the Strange Things Some of them Do


Part Six – The Hoax

Chapter Forty Two – The Hoax: Introduction

Chapter Forty Three – Amanda Bailey and the Three Cars: When the Incident Actually Began

Chapter Forty Four – Controlled Flow of Tweets and Imagery – Defining Start of Police Intervention

Chapter Forty Five – Helicopters etc – More Evidence for 3pm

Chapter Forty Six – Breaking the News to the Mainstream

Chapter Forty Seven – Controlling the Flow of Traffic into Ground Zero

Chapter Forty Eight – A Change of Narrative and a Reshoot?

Chapter Forty Nine – How it Really Happened

Chapter Fifty – The Many Political Purposes: a Conclusion


Appendix A – Data and Calculations



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