Spell Cards Expansion

30 Additional Spell Cards.

30 more Spell Cards to add to the main game deck. As well as reducing reshuffle time during a game, this addition completes an embedded tarot deck. Check out the symbols in the architrave on each card. The number in Roman numerals corresponds to a card in the Major Arcana. The Wand, Cup, Pentacle and Sword suits in the deck that comes with the set are completed with 2 additional cards per suit.

30 cards to complete the tarot deck
30 cards to complete the tarot deck

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Mighty Hunters (Original)

A game of 21st century war and conquest - or modern global domination by antique technocracy. You are the leader of a faction of the Fraternity of the Sons of Nimrod. As such you are compelled by an antique philosophy to rule the world. Your opponents are leaders of their own factions of the same Order, and are likewise motivated. Things are bound to get nasty ...
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