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  1. A few thoughts about the Tigra:

    1. A small car hitting/mounting the kerb at an angle at eg. 20 mph would be out of control until the suspension settled. In this case that would have taken at least the short distance to the post/final stopping place.

    2. If a person was carried on the car bonnet before hitting the keb it seems very unliklely they would stay on there whilst four wheels separately bounced up the kerb.

    3. The Tigra LH/passenger side front wheel suspension was broken. This was either caused by impact with the kerb or being pushed back by front impact with the post. But the RH/drivers side front wheel would have taken the initial impact with the kerb. I haven’t seen a photo of that side, but I don’t think that side was broken and the RH side would have mounted the kerb first which would have raised the front of the car and helped the LH side up.
    So I think the broken LH suspension was caused by the front impact with a post.
    Obviously the damage to the car and lack of damage to the post do not match.

    4. I think the Tigra was an automatic, which would mean its accelaration rate would probably be slower than a manual gearbox.

    1. Thanks for your input. The dynamics of car on the kerb is something that wasn’t factored in because of lack of data; in my models I treated the path to the post as if there were negligible disruption from the mount. All this is definitely something to incorporate.

      1. What I don’t ‘get’ about the car is what would be the purpose in switching the original car for a damaged one? That seems rather pointless as the purpose of the car was to run down the victim, after that it was largely irrelevant. The perps. had no intention of making an escape so the car being unusable didn’t matter anyway.
        Maybe the blurry video that shows a car approaching a blurry ‘Rigby’ is faked?

        1. The video is faked in that it doesn’t show a real crime, it shows a stunt. As such, the Tigra doesn’t get damaged because it never crashes into the road sign stanchions (the early witnesses never mention seeing a crash) – it is always travelling slow enough to stop. However, the car will need to show some evidence that it has been in that supposed smash for the purposes of installing the idea that it had been travelling at high speeds – speeds at which it also initially struck “Rigby”. The visual aid of a smashed up Tigra also helps the public in its imaginings of the fate of and the damage to “Rigby”. “Rigby”, therefore, doesn’t need to be observed; and even if he is observed, in the minds of the corporate-media fed masses, the suggestion of the damage to the Tigra overrides any real visual evidence regarding his well being.

  2. I don’t know if you aware of this, reported on the day. It rather shows the Whitehall agenda from the beginning…

    ‘According to senior Whitehall sources the people carrying out the attack were heard to say: “Allahu Akbar [God is Great]”, BBC political editor Nick Robinson reported.

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