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It’s always been important for the sake of having correct history, but in the light of the rise of ISIS, getting to grips with the Woolwich incident, and getting to the facts behind emotional veils and sensational headlines, is something that has become important to do to undermine support for a charge to war across the globe by the UK Government. It even sounds ridiculous, but it is quite true. ISIS are Michael Adebolajo and Adebowale writ large and very frighteningly. They already provide a pretext to go to war, and thanks to Woolwich and the jihadist connection, that war started (again) in Britain.

This book constitutes an attempt to analyse as much evidence produced from the incident of 22nd May 2013 as possible in order to deconstruct it and see the anomalous parts that actually shouldn’t fit together. (It is a construction, the Woolwich so-called terror incident, that can’t be rebuilt after it has been taken apart). The purpose is to try and contribute to an existing kernel of material – that has great support from a community of people interested in the subject matter – but that needs to reach a wider audience. What is needed is a clear and structured foundation for future building – and most significantly there needs to be a clear connection made in the minds of as many people possible regarding the incident at Woolwich, and the related subject of Gladio-B false-flag Islamism. This book doesn’t do this – it can’t due to parameters – the point is that the aim is to have a piece of work that can be referenced when discussing other examples, or the overall workings of the mechanics by which great swathes of public are fooled into committing lives and tax money to corporate-government to make war and make profit. There should be a huge body of work that is interconnected and that, collectively, denounces the criminality. This body of work should be far reaching and inhabit the minds, like second nature, of all people who, by its content, can recognise the method of tyranny.

P W Laurie

23 March 2015

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