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The Woolwich Terror Attack

A Report on the Precursory Incident to the ISIS Psychological Operation

Update: 17th October 2018

This work has remained unchanged since its publication in 2015, but a revision is long overdue – details of which will be recorded in the version update page. Work is also needed to reposition images that got disjointed during a move between web-hosting. While I’m at it, there may be re-writing if it helps to improve clarity. For the time being, then, the entire work has been “unpublished”. When it reappears, it will probably subscriber-only material.

P W Laurie

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1. Contribute Information

I have written a piece of work about the Woolwich incident of May 2013, and it has turned into a book-sized project. It is now at a stage where it is completed – all apart from a little checking and perhaps a lot of honing. Therefore, I am inviting readers to get in touch either on one of the email addresses shown below, or through a comments page at the bottom of this work, if they would like to propose changes, or the inclusion of additional material. Although I have been quite comprehensive regarding coverage of the incident at Woolwich itself, I am no expert in certain fields where I appreciate that a little bit more knowledge than would normally belong to an interested layman might provide a crucial insight. Moreover, there may just be something obvious that has been overlooked. I will, of course, be making changes myself as I review the work between now and whenever we, between us, decide that it must be finished. There will be a chapter on the web site to log major and informational changes made to the book (and readers who contribute usefully will be recognised in the acknowledgements page), but I won’t be keeping track of all the little stylistic alterations. The work is a bit dry at the moment with the focus being on trying to present information as soon as possible; it probably needs a more decoration to make a more enjoyable read. The objective has to be that one day, the work will constitute a book that will be worthy of publication in that format for an appeal to a broader audience.

Contact: pwl@frombehindenemylines.co.uk

or pwl@frombehindenemylines.org.uk

2. Share a Link

There are other ways to help. Firstly, just by sharing knowledge of the existence of this work would be a great boon. Please direct other folks here by sharing a link to these pages. No more need to be said about that.

3. Donate

This work has taken 10 months to write thus far (some more solidly than others, admittedly), and more time than that was spent researching and reading. The ultimate motivation has been the desire to achieve the sort of thing I set out below in the Preface. Of course, and as the reader well imagines, the effort is made without any notion of how to financially remunerate it. But there has been a conflict. Let’s be frank; man-hours should count for some economic value. It is the way of the universe – no one can go against it and get very far. The energy behind this work’s existence is literal bread and butter that needs to be paid for. And so while I have been happy to create the work as an end in itself, the laws of nature keep nagging. This is why I would ask the reader to make a voluntary donation if he or she thinks that this work is a valuable project, and that that energy behind it deserves to be fed.

If you would like to make a donation, please use the paypal facility in the sidebar. Many thanks.

P W Laurie

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