50 – The Many Political Purposes: a Conclusion

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In August 2013, Westminster voted against British military intervention in a conflict in Syria that had already seen a false-flag attack[1] with sarin gas used on the town of Khan al-Assal – there had, therefore, been many a provocation, and still, thanks to the alternative media which had been informing thinking people in Britain of the ongoing covert effort to overthrow the Syrian Government with a proxy army of terrorists by an international gang including NATO and Saudi Arabia, Britain would not cite the fallacy of Responsibility to Protect to attack Syria. It was thought that the hoax in Woolwich had been part of this effort. There had been an attempt to link al-Qaeda to al-Assad’s Government – but that didn’t land. In any case, most Britons wouldn’t be that sophisticated; most wars in that area have nothing to do with interfering western powers; they are just expressions of the barbarity of all Muslims. Perhaps it is true to say that, in a context without alternative-media, the British Government could win support for any war against any Islamic country by staging an exercise like Woolwich. Maybe there was something towards that end in the purpose. However, in hindsight, Woolwich looks like it was part of a longer term strategy.

Of course, just because the plan is complex, doesn’t mean the tactics aren’t simple. At the heart of the Woolwich operation was the effort to scare the British public and create tension with the Muslim community, arguably imported especially for this role (that’s how long term this plan is) as a part of a greater divide and conquer strateg. The key feature of the Woolwich operation in these regards was the perceived threat to children; it was meant to produce an intense reaction, which in turn would translate into extreme fear and loathing of the perpetrators, and the people that they claim to represent. Blatant evidence of the truth of this comes in the form of one witness who testified at the trial, but who gave absolutely no useful evidence whatsoever. She was asked to submit a testimony whose only purpose could have been to fear monger.

Sarah Riordan, who was heavily pregnant and due to give birth in seven weeks, started feeling contractions after witnessing the attack.

“I heard a loud gunshot that scared me and I ran directly across the road to the number 53 bus.

“As I was doing this I heard four more shots. I then started to get contraction type pains every two minutes.”

She took cover on a 291 bus and later went to the hospital to be checked out.

“Fortunately everything was all right with my baby and me.”

Recap: Lee Rigby trial updates as police officer tells court of moment she thought she would be killed[2]; Paul Cockerton; 03 December 2013.

On top of this, there was the stuff about the school children being at threat. It’s all meant to enhance the sense of horror that the public has about the idea of so-called jihadi radicals walking the street of Britain – they could behead your child at any time, is the message. In reality, during the Woolwich hoax, a woman seems to have walked her children straight past Adebolajo without him trying to send them to Allah – and this moment is conveniently omitted from the footage it should have appeared in. In the end, when one is used to looking at these things over again, one doesn’t need all the analysis that this book constitutes to tell of a hoax – just this one sort of detail tells all.

The big political message of Woolwich to have fear and loathing of Muslims was preparation for what we now see happening in the world – the emergence of ISIS and the War on Terror rebooted. At the time, the UK Government was trying for a war in Syria. However, Woolwich would not have provided a clear context for there would have been no discernable connection between the al-Assad government and two Nigerian heritage converted Muslims in London. However, the emergence of ISIS (which is a misnomer – ISIS are al-Qaeda, and al-Qaeda never went away) provides the key to deciphering what Woolwich was about. The supposed decapitation of a British soldier on the streets of London was meant to be a prequel to all the other fake-looking beheadings and murders that would be carried out by ISIS and sold to the world in slick Hollywood productions. When ISIS became rampant in the world, the UK Government would have been able to point to Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, and they would have been able to say that Britain suffered the first attack of the new War on Terror. There is a sense that because so many people are wise to how Woolwich had something very wrong with it restricts the level to which politicians will actually cite it in the “fight against ISIS”. For an indication of this, please see how a memorial for Lee Rigby on the spot of his death – which was demanded by the likes of the Sun newspaper – was in fact rejected; instead…

Greenwich Council said a stone would be placed in St George’s Chapel garden, opposite Woolwich Barracks where Fusilier Rigby was based.

The council, which said its plan had the backing of the soldier’s family, said the memorial would pay tribute to all fallen servicemen and woman.

Lee Rigby memorial will not bear his name[3]; Staff Writer; 23 October 2014.

The murder of Lee Rigby by Islamists is not being exploited to such an extent that the authorities would try to tie the nation’s obsession with worshipping war death with hatred of Muslim’s – normally, we could expect Government to jump at such an opportunity. So, all is not well in the propaganda war against us that the Woolwich incident was intended to play a major role in. However, the trouble with history is that the people who know the truth die out, and all that survives after them are the books and the newspapers written by the liars. Just like there needs to be a lasting body of knowledge about the 911 World Trade Centre attack, and the follow-up attack on the London Underground – each designed to cause public dedication to an original War on Terror cover story for waging aggressive war around the world – there needs to be a lasting body of work and knowledge about this Woolwich incident so that it does not go into the history books unchallenged.

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[1] “Probes from Khan al-Assal show chemicals used in the March 19 attack did not belong to standard Syrian army ammunition, and that the shell carrying the substance was similar to those made by a rebel fighter group, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated.” http://rt.com/news/chemical-aleppo-findings-russia-417/

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