Snake-oil and psychological manipulation; how Britain was tricked into Cast Iron Dave

Today is the day that UKIP release a manifesto for the 2015 General Election. Reassuringly, it has been audited independently – so it stands up as a set of promises based in reality that potentially can be delivered.

Contrast that to yesterday’s performance by “Cast Iron” David Cameron – so called because of his most infamous failure to keep a promise. There is a plan to publish a critique here in the course of the next few days; but to be going on with, the reader’s attention is drawn to the slickness of the presentation (see featured image on front page), which was published in the MailOnline, and very especially the appeal to nostalgia by the frequent mention by Cameron of the phrase “Good Life”.

At this site, in a bit of a joke, Tory voters have been identified as living in a 1970s sitcom-time-warp-bubble beyond which the UK is fast draining down the toilet bowl – the representation is a condemnation of a delusion that some certain Britons insist on retaining in the face of certain cold hard facts. However, it appears as if the Tory strategists, in all seriousness, have identified their core vote as being these insulated fantasists who rarely see a brown face in the depths of their southern countryside, let alone an Eastern European accent, and are appealing to them via an emotional response associated with the exploits of Tom Good et al to trigger the second coming of Margaret Thatcher. At the end of the day, yesterday, the Daily Mail had even done an interview with a woman that they claimed was the real Margot Leadbetter. If this doesn’t finally suggest unhinged sociopathic minds in government, then one wonders what ever will? As it turned out, the Leadbetter/Good Life meme was a bad move because UKIP were able to reveal that their manifesto had been scrutinised by an external auditor. The Tories, by contrast, had been laughably reduced to only having the “real Margot” vouch for them.

However, if people are wise to LibLabCon indoctrination these days, and can even find a giggle in it, they didn’t always. In 2005, there was a now infamous televised focus group which essentially put David Cameron into pole position for the Tory leadership contest. This would have sealed the UK’s fate if 900,000 (the author proudly amongst them) hadn’t voted for UKIP in 2010. Regarding the leadership election itself, the author made a film about it a few years ago to highlight the fact that people were manipulated so as to choose a card out of a rigged hand – to pick Cast Iron Dave. This video has been released again to YouTube (with a minor tweak). The provocation was very much the high-production value Tory manifesto launch and the extravagant salesmanship of it in the corporate-media. Britons need to be reminded just what sort of a turkey they are being sold.

Please take a look at the video below.