“Cast-Iron” Dave’s big EU speech irrelevant when Establishment relies on consumption of the hype

To some, David Cameron displayed weakness when he failed to deliver a much anticipated speech on the EU on Friday. To others, he didn’t do anything that was unreasonable given that international affairs demanded his attention (though most of these probably don’t understand that al-Qaeda is undeniably a Western asset which, in Algeria, has probably received instructions to create a Casus belli for NATO powers to become militarily involved in that country).

The underlying truth, however, is that Cameron didn’t need to make the speech because the hype created around the promise of its delivery is the preferred medium by which the Establishment communicates to the people it controls. Most people have a child-like understanding of real power-dynamics (and of how criminals inevitably arise through the absence of a society-wide moral observance of law). So, the battering of voters’ senses, through a corporate-media overload of opinions offered by the so-called most significant characters in both British and global politics and business, is to create an emotional response to the issue – a general impression of the Establishment’s disapproval of leaving the EU, and its approval of Cameron.

It would be no surprise in these quarters if Cameron’s speech slipped right off the agenda in the coming weeks; it’s a real possibility, and it depends on whether or not the Establishment feels that it has created a big enough smokescreen to cover the absence of a cogent pro-EU argument for its current purposes. This smokescreen was correctly identified by Nigel Farage on the BBC’s Question Time on Thursday. He is a man who has noticed that the LibLabCon was being found out in lies that had lead the UK into a perilous state whereby its people could not control their own fate; it follows that the current big smokescreen is more outrageous deceit to keep the UK in the EU.

There is another motivation for the British Establishment, of course, and that is to keep itself in power, and ultimately out of jail. In truth, this is the underlying motive for the hype around Cameron’s speech; the Establishment has been rallying itself these past few weeks to try to save the LibLabCon at the 2015 General Election. Left to its own devices, the Conservative Party would risk being replaced by UKIP in the next 2 years. Such a development would lead to the demise of the LibLabCon stranglehold that offers little real choice to voters and leads them, by offering slightly more Marxist-hybrid fascism than provided by the previous party in power, down a dark path where they are robbed progressively more viciously as they proceed.

Observant people will have noticed that the sheer volume of the hype surrounding Cameron’s speech tells of its being a grand project. None less than the Executive-Order-issuing American dictator, Obama, has given warnings about security issues arising from Britain leaving the EU; given the lessons of Libya and Syria, there is no reason to see Obama’s intervention as a threat to destabilise the UK through CIA-organised insurrection (and it wouldn’t be the first time that the CIA has interfered).

Warnings have also been volunteered, by the likes of Richard Branson, where there is a particular emphasis on economic doom for Britain. This sort of intervention is always ironic given the catastrophe in Greece where increasing amounts of people are searching for food amongst waste, and the Euro as a currency is a moot point as many resort to a barter system to trade. Relatively successful Norway, on the opposite end of the spectrum to Greece, is somehow a constant bogey-character used to scare simple British minds. Iceland, of course, is a very good example of anti-globalist resistance and economic survival that never gets mentioned for fear of drawing attention to it. And Branson and his ilk only really have their vested interests at heart – they only want the preservation of a dynamic that drives down wages and protects their monopolies from entrepreneurs who cannot grow in the climate.

This particular economic-angle of the scaremongering is the main thrust of it; naturally, it was joined by Ed Milliband, the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition (the reader should think about what that title, quite out in the open, has to say about Parliament), who accused Cameron of weakening Britain’s economic interests with (non-existent) threats to leave the EU. Within the Tory Party, all the usually infamous Wets or ‘left-wing leaning’ suspects have spoken out about the dangers of an EU-exit; such interventions are supposed to drive conservatives to Cameron. Indeed, there is no mystery about why the Labour Party leadership has ruled out a post-2015 referendum on EU membership after seemingly being in favour of it – circumstances necessitated it. Labour’s position has naturally left the path clear for the Conservatives to be the one political party to be identified with ‘Euroscepticism’ – please note, this is not the same as Withdrawalism, which is the stance held by UKIP.

The Establishment seems to think that enough Britons have an unbending faith that ‘Euroscepticism’ is enough to solve the inherent problems of having open borders and being ruled by an unelected committee sitting in a foreign country (obviously, it isn’t because it doesn’t even try to). Looking to perpetuate this faith and stifle a mass conversion to Withdrawalism, the Daily Mail, the Coalition’s flagship propaganda outlet, made much of a poll that claimed that 50% of British voters would stay in the EU if there was a renegotiation of powers back to Britain (something that all serious observers agree won’t be done). This poll has undoubtedly been manipulated to be produced at this time amongst all the other hype in order to teach the British public a desired behaviour.

For it is the doctrine of the hope of the reformed EU – that it would be a better place to live in, if only some tweaking can be done – that is the trump card of Conservative ‘Euroscepticism’. Cameron’s timetable for a referendum incorporates it; the British voters, or so they are told, will be allowed to vote on EU membership once the Establishment has made it less undesirable; the time for this decision will be 2018. The poll published in the Mail is supposed to show that there is support for Cameron’s approach in the electorate. The pronouncements by ‘leading City figures’ (the real power in the land), that feign concern about how the British should be able to make an informed choice about the EU, are designed to lend weight to Cameron. Leaks ahead of the speech suggest that Cameron would have support from his parliamentary party. Showing that there is no corporate-media to be trusted, the Daily Express – which supposedly campaigns for Britain to leave the EU - presented Cameron as a man capable of announcing a referendum before 2015 and leading the campaign for withdrawal; Cameron, of course, is on the record as a dyed-in-the-wool federalist, but this doesn’t matter for the purposes of subtly promoting the ‘Eurosceptic’ fraud.

The only way for Britons to cast off the tyranny of the EU is to cast off the tyrants in their own political class who committed a grand fraud upon them. The LibLabCon, and their facilitators in the corporate-media, and their banking and corporate masters – not to mention the Monarch who uses the EU to subjugate and feed off the British without getting her hands dirty – know very well that there are charges to answer for if only those who would bring them manage to overthrow the status quo. Hence, Cameron’s EU strategy is really one for keeping the British contained until they are completely powerless and disinherited – although the good news is that the huge and concerted effort to trick, scare, bully and bludgeon Britons, by all the institutions of the repression, that has been observable in recent days suggests that there is much to be feared by the Establishment regarding the prospect of the British becoming unrestrained.