As Britons are told Kate Middleton’s offspring WILL rule, can fraud of monarchy be opposed?

A trip to Marks and Spencer’s very early yesterday morning and the only till open was choked by a customer who had already, somehow, managed to do a week’s worth of shopping. A couple of other people were also in this queue, so all-in-all there was quite a lot of material to be processed through the checkout even before I could set my few selections on the conveyor belt.

A woman dressed in M&S uniform approached me. I had been hanging about near the end of the queue – although not for very long – and she must have detected my dissatisfaction. “Would you like to use the self-service tills, sir”. It was a command rather than a request. “No”, says I, “in actual fact, I think you should open up another checkout so that you can serve me”.

It’s a myth that customer is always right. Left to their own sheep-like devices, the customer is a schmuck who has very little real alternative options. I can’t remember exactly what the lady said in response, but basically it was about how customers have to use the automated tills if the checkouts are unmanned and unavailable. I told her in turn that I didn’t want to use the robots on principle (because of how they put people out of work), and I wanted a new checkout to be opened so that I could be served.

This did the trick, and within a few moments I had been processed by a human being, and had once again ensured that I for one will not have been responsible for the creation of unemployed persons.  While this had been going on, however, some other people, being willing-slaves, had continued to flock to the self-service points.  Now I understand that some people imagine that serving oneself is to do everyone a favour. It is not. Using self-service machines is a recipe for catastrophe. Even now major British employers only just tolerate employing people on a part-time basis. What do we think they would do once it became certain that they didn’t need human staff at all?

The sad fact of the matter is that imagining self-service to be universally helpful is rationalisation; in addition, the vast majority of the sort of baby-booming, hand-wringing Briton who uses M&S are abject cowards who never act in their liberty, but instead always decide that whatever some tin-pot character dictates to them is exactly what they should think and do.

If the likes of M&S ever decided that they had trained enough of the sheeple to be able to dispense with human cashiers altogether, then the willing-slaves will never a murmur make. Whatever the financial reward for willing-slaves due to the passing on of savings on their groceries made by not having to pay staff, will be counteracted by the tax demands needed to pay ever more welfare cheques. Later, when these cheques are not worth anything (it could be as soon as April, according to Max Keiser), then the willing-slaves may have a chore being smug about serving themselves in the midst of food riots and the threat of their well-to-do house being targeted and broken into by starving people. This is what the government of the UK wants, by the way; when there is chaos, then the willing-slaves will be lapping up that draconian police state. They may not be able to go out after a curfew, nor express disapproval of the government for that matter, but they will be safe in their prison.

Liberty, therefore, begins in telling a jobsworth who should be a servant, but is acting like an official master, exactly what you want them to do, and never compromising. If everyone acted in their liberty when it is most easy to do it, then tyranny would be all the more hard for the British corporate-government to impose. What people in the UK don’t seem to understand is that if any service that one pays for is unsatisfactory, one doesn’t in the end have to pay. It certainly isn’t a very good idea to continue being badly served; but Britons seem to love being abused.

Let’s take the example of the acquiescence to the political order as an example of this. Yesterday also saw the gathering of pace in the corporate-media’s lionisation of a pregnancy of a woman who cannot wear a bra in public, and used a see-thru-nightie to help her acquire nothing less than the future throne of England (this is all that it is worth).  No doubt the willing-slaves will lap up every last drop of what is desperate bread and circuses.

I use the word desperate because of how the Establishment, having full mastery of techniques for psychological manipulation, announced the birth of an heir to the throne by having Kate Middleton attend a hospital. With all the resources at the Royal’s disposal, there cannot be anything to prevent Middleton being treated without the fanfare. However, a trip to the infirmary to assist a pregnancy is more emphatic and cynically calculated to inspire feelings of pity, as well as joy in the eternally gullible British willing-slaves. And just as supermarket customers are essentially defrauded into conceding to a system that only benefits the supermarket, so are Britons now being convinced that they must accept this new baby as their privileged future ruling elite.

The Mirror newspaper had these headlines in their online version:

Kate Middleton pregnant: Royal baby will one day rule Britain as King or Queen

There was similar wording in an article in the Daily Mail. Of course, there was no discussion about the right of this one family to rule Britain. There is only the message, and the assumption, “you WILL be ruled”.

It’s a fraud. Just like how the M&S manager told me that I had to use the self-service machines was also proved to be a fraud. And the time has come to reject all such fraud in the same way. We all have to refuse to comply with schemes that make it easier to dominate us. We should reject the Queen (the Cub Scouts dropped the wrong oath of duty). The Queen has no right to rule this country because the Commonwealth was instituted in the 17th century and the Crown was abolished. A proper legal precedent was set in English Law – and it was insisted upon by the American colonies.

The Queen’s offspring have no right to rule either. We need to end the age of slavery, and to start a constitutional era of real freedom. This doesn’t mean democracy, but a republic with a representative body of administrators who are of the people and for the people. We have democracy now, and it’s no wonder it is exulted by the very types who so blatantly misrule us; it is, after all, about making everything equally bad for the people who are ruled. In our democracy, it’s only a middle and working class woman who would get sent home from hospital because morning sickness is not serious enough, and have her bed turned over to a Bulgarian with no more right to be in the country than a World War II German infantry man; this would never happen to Kate Middleton – nor the Queen for that matter, neither of which has a right to privilege and influence and power.