Shock as Britons (albeit fewer of them) still vote for destructive LibLabCon

In three parliamentary and umpteen police elections last week, British voters once again demonstrated staggering obtuseness and a sheer lack of perspicuity regarding a necessary understanding of their political environment, and obtaining an ability to control it in a way that is most conducive for the creation of both individual liberty and common wealth. Labour or Conservative candidates were still being handing high office even though the politics of these people is directly and demonstrably responsible for a plunge, during the 20th century and into the 21st, towards permanent social and economic malaise in the UK.

The good news, however, was that less people voted for the LibLabCon than ever before – which is not just a reference to the clear apathy felt towards the diversionary and gimmicky contests to elect “Crime Commissioners” (amounting to nothing more than rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic). In fact, and especially in the highly significant by-election at Corby, the polls showed that increasing numbers  are seeing through the fraud that is the same corporate-government changing its head every so often to give the impression of an alteration in political direction, but deploying consistently, as implemented policy, Marxist subversions in order to keep the people subjugated.

In other words, the elections showed that support for UKIP – the only viable opposition to the LibLabCon – is still growing in terms of percentage share of real votes beyond the “magic 10%” that this site has discussed before (link to follow), and has reached the mid-teens where the party has become a real threat to the working dynamism of the LibLabCon. Indeed, the inevitability of the end of the LibLabCon, which UKIP (if it does not allow itself to be infiltrated and co-opted) can bring about, is being perceived by worried Establishment henchmen, such as Norman Tebbit who sounded a warning to the people at the helm of the Tory Party about adopting a strategy to deal with the terminal danger to their continued relevance, and existence:

…all is not lost for the Tories, but the time to get a grip on the process of government and to end the sense of muddle which pervades several departments is draining away. Without a new sense of direction, purpose and competence, things will soon look rather bleak for the Coalition.

Generally, through the prism of the corporate-media, the danger that UKIP presents to the Conservative Party is portrayed as all to do with the Britain’s membership of the EU (allowing UKIP to be maligned as anti-foreigner – which Tebbit partakes of himself when he makes false equivalence between the BNP and UKIP). However, the reality is that there is a growing awareness amongst British people of the criminality of the LibLbCon fraud – an awareness most likely provoked by the seamlessness of the transition in 2010 from the Labour to the Tory/Lib Dem administrations in terms of policy making, and the continuation of a clear desire to turn a once independent and wealthy people into welfare-dependent, collectivised subjects of a centralised unrepresentative super-soviet. As more people realise that LibLabCon politicians are social and economic slash-and-burn merchants in the pay of the real unelected leaders of the UK, then more people inevitably enlist on the mission to regain both individual and national self-determination, and in doing so, bring to justice the criminals who have and still are deliberately ruining Britain.

In Corby last week, there were 5000-plus courageous patriots who have probably come to understand very well that it is a sordid business to vote for the LibLabCon; these people also gave UKIP its best ever by-election performance, and thus sent another shot to echo around the walls of Westminster. In relative terms, and with 14.3% of the vote, Corby candidate Margot Parker did better than UKIP’s previous best performer, Jane Collins, who even came second in the 2011 Barnsley Central by-election. Barnsley saw a lower turnout than Corby, 24,219 (36.5%) as opposed to 35,665 (44.79%), but UKIP garnered many more votes at the latter (2953 or 12.2% at Barnsley, compared to 5108 at Corby).

The really big and devastating victory for UKIP at Corby was to demonstrate how opinion-polls by the Establishment’s minion polling companies can be proven to be  incorrect. As the author has laboured to point out time and again, opinion polls are largely instruments for projecting the status quo into the future, and for demoralising voters with the seeming inevitability of LibLabCon dominance.

In an opinion poll with field work carried out in August, what could be called headline figures -  i.e. with “don’t know”  responses reallocated to other parties (in other words, with manipulation for political purposes) - forecast the following results for the Corby by-election:

Conservative 37%, Labour 52%, Lib Dems 7%, Others 4%.

In an opinion poll with field work executed in October, headline figures showed these results:

Conservative 32%, Labour 54%, Lib Dems 5%, Others 8%

The actual outcome of the real vote was as follows:

Conservative 27%, Labour 48%, Lib Dems 5%, UKIP 14%

The closest that any of the mentioned opinion polls got to the real result was in a certain interpretation in the October survey where an unweighted set of figures represented the voting purpose of all respondents who expressed an intention to vote (therefore excluding “don’t knows” etc):

Conservative 29%, Labour 56%, Lib Dems 6%, UKIP 6% (Green 1%, BNP 1%)

A polling company critic might see evidence, even in this peice of data, that responses have been targetted and sought so that the desired results of the poll over-represent Labour voters; further criticism might point out that as the polls are the work of the Tory Party’s former deputy chairman, Lord Ashcroft, the polls are intended to manipulate Tory voters ahead of the election by overstating the Labour threat, and massively under representing the UKIP one.

This sort of possible manipulation unfortunately still finds purchase; there are, of course, still many people who cannot see the reality of the political fraud being perpetrated upon them, and this allows LibLabCon operatives to paint election results in terms that reinforce the dominance of the Westminster Triumvirate (LibLabCon). Speaking in the Corby constituency at an appearance alongside Labour’s victorious candidate, Ed Miliband said:

“This constituency is at the heart of our country and this constituency has sent a very clear message today.

“It sent a message that it is putting its trust in a One Nation Labour Party.

“Middle England is turning away from David Cameron and the Conservatives because Middle England feels let down by David Cameron and the Conservatives.

The claim is that conservative Middle England recognises the Labour Party as being representative. Even in the make-believe fantasy of the Left/Right paradigm this is highly unlikely, and of course, in reality, it is theoretically inconceivable that conservative people would ever turn to what is Marxist-derived fascism – the overarching LibLabCon principle of rule – unless they were deceived to do so. The continued ability to deceive is what the electorate award to LibLabCon politicians whenever they vote a LibLabCon candidate into office, but the good news is – as every new election result is increasingly showing – Britons are able to break out of this incredibly destructive vicious circle.