With rumours of ‘intimate’ images of Royals, is UK at risk of being blackmailed?


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After the French magazine, Closer, published images of Kate Middleton’s imprudent display of nakedness in full view of a nearby Provencal public road, its editor, Laurence Pieau, has hinted at the existence of other photographs of an ‘intimate’ nature. The revelation has prompted some to contemplate the possibility that the future King and Queen of England have been caught on camera having conjugal relations. Furthermore, that Pieau has sought to make it clear that the extra images will not be published has also caused widespread speculation – and even reminds of a possible, yet more sinister reality that is hardly considered in all the conjecture.

Arguably, material that is intensely damaging for the status of the British Monarchy, but that lies in the hands of a malicious business organisation or foreign rival, has more power if it remains covered-up because of the leverage it could purchase. Naturally, because Britain is organised to service the Monarchy and the State, not the other way around as many suppose, if the Monarchy ever became compromised so that it can be blackmailed, it would mean the British, as much as they are already, would be ever more liable to the whim of unrepresentative and secret powers.

The French edition of the Closer magazine is published under licence by Italian firm Mondadori. Owned by the family of Silvio Berlusconi, the company’s native title, Chi, is set to publish a 26-page spread with illustrative images in the near future. Because of the mention of Berlusconi’s name, conspiracy websites have characteristically supposed that the compromising photos of the royal couple owe their existence to a turf war between the British Monarchy and the Vatican – the latter which they link (supposed Papal Knight) Berlusconi to.

However, a rational approach to the events can still consider them in not too dissimilar terms; the British Monarchy, after all, can very well be thought of as a front for, and affiliate of a monopolising gangster ‘family’ – a mafia – that has trucked and desired no competition in the British Isles for at least one hundred years. The British Establishment, the ‘family’ in question, is puppetted by the US/UK financier class based out of Wall Street and the City of London, and in Italy, because their reach is such, Berlusconi was recently replaced by their placeman, Mario Monti – a man with Goldman Sachs credentials. On resigning as the Prime Minister of Italy so that appointee Monti could implement what essentially was an Austerity scam, Berlusconi vowed that he would still be a force to reckon with in politics.

All kinds of peripheral detail in this case projects the investigator into a world of murky possibility. Valerie Suau, the paparazzi member who captured images of the unwise Kate Middleton from just over a half mile away and through a telescopic lens is now claiming that she did not shoot her prey in a full state of undress. If she is to be believed, it means that someone else harvested all the material that is creating the current furore, and Suau may have been cast as patsy. Who would be behind this particular frame-up, and who the real photographer would be are then secrets intrinsically locked up with the real purpose of the appearance of the images – all matters that cannot be guessed at. The only fact of the case that may be relied upon is that even the photos that are circulating now are incredibly destructive, no matter how St James’ or Buckingham Palaces – or Kate and William in all their shamelessness – nonchalantly play them down. There is no doubt whatsoever that snaps of the future Queen’s breasts are potentially explosive for the British Establishment. The British Government is supposed to receive authority from its subjects through the dignity of the Monarch; when the Monarch is a laughing-stock, the Government has no authority. This is why the British corporate-media, which is usually a veritable corrupting freak-show, will not touch pictures of a naked Kate Middleton (nor even of her wearing a see-thru nightee, it would seem).

The trouble for the British Establishment, of course, is that media in other countries, and especially that belonging to possible rivals, are out of the reach of their control, and if the currently published snap of William apparently fondling his wife’s semi-naked backside is suggestive of the content of the as-yet-unpublished photographs, then the British Government would be very worried indeed about their ever becoming available on British laptops with the simple press of a key. It should be clear that an organisation in possession of such images of the future King and Queen (and Chi may very well have hundreds) would suddenly become enormously threatening to the British Establishment; hence, it would seem, the Royal excursions into legal territory to procure damages (as a deterrent) and  injunctions against publication.

Indeed, starting to make sense in this context is all the chatter around the recent debacle in Las Vegas involving the imbecilic Prince Harry (who was sent to Afghanistan lauded as a hero in an attempt to rehabilitate him, but, in the publicity that heralded his deployment, only proved to be a magnet for a Taliban attack that killed two US soldiers). There were many stories on the internet about this Las Vegas event that only get a passing mention, if they get a mention at all, in corporate-media. One story said that the party was cocaine-fuelled – although no one accuses Harry of taking drugs – and that prostitutes had been hired to provide what the very sordid would call entertainment. When a witness described Harry as ‘naked for a long time’, it either inferred madness amongst decent people, or rampant sexual activity at an orgy. An incredibly significant story alleged that Harry had been ‘tricked into [a] naked honeytrap’. A number of girls had especially targeted him according to a plan to get into his VIP suite. Furthermore, the hotel owner, Steve Wynn, had even been accused of links with the American Mafia. At such information, alarm bells should have been set to ringing – even amongst the liberals who maintained that nudity by the Royals is defining a new kind of trendy Monarchy. Armed with such information, it should then have come as no surprise to learn that there was a concern on the part of the Prince, for a little while at least, that more photos, and even a deeply embarrassing film would be released, with the assumption being that all would show exactly how Harry enjoyed himself that night.

As it turns out, there has been no film and no further photos; which allows for a few distinct possibilities. Either the material never existed, or the person who had the material has now been dispossessed of it, or the material is being held as leverage over the British Monarchy. When staff at the Wynn Hotel were pressured to keep quiet about the incident, it might as easily have been motivated by a desire to control valuable information as it was by a wish to respect a rich patron.

On this side of the Mid West, the truth of Harry’s disgrace was skilfully controlled by the British Establishment when the Sun newspaper published the less-harmful image of a choice of two so that disappointment and amusement – verging on affection from a thoroughly morally bankrupt British population – could be generated in even measure. The picture that didn’t receive much coverage because of this decoy – the one showing the Prince as if mounted upon a female (explained away, when it was mentioned, as a bear-hug, or ‘strip billiards’) – obviously pointed to all the other things that were supposed to have happened at this party, just like some of the Kate Middleton photos that also contain William, suggest other things.

The concept that the British Monarchy has let itself become vulnerable to people who would materially gain by blackmailing it is not a wild one, it shouldn’t be dismissed entirely out of hand; there are more things in heaven and earth, as the saying goes. The possibility is entirely feasible, and this understanding should resonate in the mind of an inquisitive watcher of the news who suddenly sees two incidents, one on the heels of another, in which figures in the British Monarchy have potentially become compromised. The danger of the possibility of blackmail becoming a reality should be self-evident; the much deceived British people will further lose any real power over their own destiny – they will be further removed, in the real scheme of things, from their own sovereignty. The ruling class would indeed be completely corrupt and not fit for purpose because of the total absence of honour; ruling to sustain the rule, and not to best represent the aspirations of a country; a tyranny, that even now, as far as anyone on the outside can be aware, is long overdue for removal.