Logically, sleazy Middleton’s mammaries must provoke the end of consent for Monarchy

When the bedraggled Mary Queen of Scots appeared at a window with her chemise torn so that the jeering crowd below, who she seemed to be appealing to for help, could see her exposed breasts, it was a moment of humiliation. Prior to that, when her husband, Henry Stewart, was found in his night shirt at Kirk o’ Fields after being strangled while fleeing from an attempt on his life, it was a moment of humiliation – even though he had departed the earth. When powerful people are discovered in a condition that represents a departure from the concept of authority through dignity, then they are forced to be perceived as feeble, and subject to ridicule, and to give the impression that they have or had no clout; are and were weak, and not to be, or never should have been considered as leaders.

These things are cosmological truths that are reflected in the British constitution according to Bagehot. As I keep reporting, the Government has a dignified part – the Monarch – and the efficient part – the Parliament. The Government is given authority through adulation of the Monarch by the people, and it spends the authority through the Parliament. The Monarch generates adulation by being dignified and rarefied to the umpteenth degree – at least in a public persona. Once they are seen as to be as if normal people, then the reason and right to rule must evaporate.

I think that we’ll find that few national leaders have voluntarily allowed themselves to be perceived in a weakened state that undermines their right to rule, but Kate Middleton has joined that exclusive band in a spectacular fashion by being the first prospective Queen of Britain to appear in public with her knockers out and on display since Mary Queen of Scots.

Nakedness is a particularly debilitating form of denudation because it reminds the observer that the human without clothes is an animal more than it reminds that the Prince or Princess, who should be venerated, is a normal man or woman. Human endeavour for civilisation has involved creating the finest apparel in order to further distance ourselves from the animal; clothes are a signature of our Godliness. So, for Kate Middleton to appear naked in order for a photographer to become able to take images of her is a complete disaster for her, and for the Monarchy. That Middleton was not forced into complete capitulation is even more spectacularly catastrophic. We cannot have a Queen of England who has been compromised, just through stupidity, like Kate Middleton has. Full stop. Buckingham Palace knows it full well, that is why it will exert its control over the British corporate-media to prevent images of Middleton’s naked butt being rubbed down by William – and others in the same vein – being published in this country, and it will go to foreign courts to penalise publication elsewhere. Buckingham Palace, being in the game of ruling for its own benefit, will hope that Britons will not notice that the Monarchy has lost its dignity, and the Government has lost its authority.

I think that their hope rests on some good solid ground. A great deal of the public think that we only know what Middleton’s chebs look like because her privacy was invaded. This is complete codswallop. Historically speaking, the principle defining the design of the western place of abode – one’s home – is all to do with show. In other words, houses have always been about displaying the owner’s wealth. This culture intrinsically involves others looking on to the house. If the owner wants privacy, then he has to have a space where the gaze of onlookers cannot penetrate to. Kate Middleton, as she ‘enjoyed’ the chateau owned by the Queen’s nephew, Lord Linley, could be seen from a public road. I don’t care if she could only be seen through some enhancing technology, the view had been left open. The onus of ensuring privacy belongs to the person who wants to be private; the house owner, or his tenant, not on outsiders who are able to see into the property. This means that if there isn’t a wall, bushes or a bank of trees, blocking a natural vista onto a supposedly private area, then people using that area should act as if in public. The only way that Middleton’s privacy could have been intruded upon was if the photographer had put a ladder against an obstacle designed to spoil a natural view; the distinction should be easy to see. When a man puts up a wall above head height, he is making a statement about his expectations for privacy. When someone else climbs the wall to look in, then he is disobeying that express command.

So, a large section of the British public think that Middleton and William are victims. They don’t understand that the couple’s predicament, which is one for the entire Establishment, is entirely of their own making. Indeed, it is quite a testimony to the general stupidity of British people that they blame paparazzi and magazine editors, who ironically have a job only because they feed the desire for gossipy celebrity worship that British people will not disabuse themselves of.

Moreover, and it is unfortunate that they cannot because it renders them a particularly loathsome type of willing slave, the British people cannot work out that as soon as they believe that a future King and Queen of England should be able to risk getting naked in public as a reflection of some newly acquired quality of normalness, then this is the very point that they should reject that mere legality that is the British Monarch’s claim to own and represent the state. We don’t accept the claim of Mrs Wiggins from down the road, for instance, when she declares that she owns parcels of land in our neighbourhood. Why should we accept the claim of the exceptionally normal (except for her wealth, which is sucked from us) Mrs Saxe-Coburg-Imposter-and-Criminal? If we don’t accept the claims of King or Queen, then we don’t accept the entire system of government that has been cobbled around it. As the title states, logically, Middleton’s knorks must provoke an end to consent for the British Monarchy.

However, logic and rationalism has long since departed these islands, and the boundaries of my astonishment at our nation’s enthusiastic progress to barbarity, ignorance, bondage and slutty, slavering animalism is daily extended, it seems. I also have come to realise that perhaps the most significant element of this entire story is how it has smoked the little blighters out. Prince William has added insult to injury by making it known through the British corporate-media that he is of the opinion that the people who were involved in exposing his own unfitness to rule should be slung in jail. In other words, as the Daily Mail put it: ‘ furious Prince William revealed he wants those responsible for taking and printing the pictures of his wife to be jailed.’

People, take very careful note. Here is a telling expression of the view from within the Establishment; the Civil War may as well of never have happened. Those who threaten the hegemony are merely candidates for prison. And yet, the British people adore the Royal Family – that is to say that they adore them as normal people who are special as celebrities, of course, not as the dignified part of Government. We know this to be the case, because if people used the Queen as she is meant to be, then they would object to her taking part in a piece of Olympic theatre co-starring James Bond. The trouble is, even if the Monarch wasn’t loved in any way, and this is something that should be dawning on the reader by now, even if the people didn’t want the Monarchy, there would no getting rid of the Royal parasites very easily. Whenever we wake up to the fact that we have a form of government that we don’t want, then we come around to the fact that we have open dictatorship, and a few boobs here and there would be the very least of the ruling class’ indiscretions. Perversely, at least when these people are ruling autocratically in the open – throwing people in jail who do not consent to their mastery or disagree with the political orthodoxy (we are nearly at that point, are we not?) - and the myth of representation by voting is exploded, then it will be a good start to acquiring our real freedom.